Sucking The Mexican Gardner

I had watched the guy for two days, working with his buddy on the
beach and around the resort.

The chick I was traveling with was actually
the person who pointed him out to me. As far as she knows, I am straight.
She just made a comment about the scenery being good, meaning this guy. He
was usually shirtless by noon and definitely had some Hispanic blood in
him. He wasn’t as dark as his co-worker, but was a golden brown color from
all the sun he got each day. I thought that I was discreet in checking him
out, but he went past our bungalow twenty or thirty times in the first two
days and spent several hours working right out front. It was on the third
day of our stay that I found the maintenance shed. I was just wandering
around while my girl went shopping when I stumbled upon it. He was inside.

His back was to me and I stopped, struck by the muscles that rippled
under his skin as he moved. I stared too long and he turned around
suddenly, catching me. I couldn’t think of anything to say as I got a
close look at his chest and face. I saw the smirk playing on his lips and
knew that I was caught. The guy had about a day’s worth of stubble on his
face and his chest was nearly hairless. I would have guessed he was
twenty-five, but found out later he was just twenty. He looked me right in
the eyes.

“So you finally decided to come find me?” His hand dropped to the
crotch of his work pants and my eyes followed. He squeezed the bulge
there. “This what you want, boy? You want my cock? Then get in here and
shut the door.” Without even realizing what I was doing, I stepped inside
and pulled the door shut behind me. I wanted to get closer to this bronzed
god. Closer to him, I could smell the sweat he had built up from working
on the beach all day and the scent was intoxicating. I wanted to drop to
my knees and bury my face in his crotch. He had other ideas. I was still
looking at his hand and his growing bulge when he caught me by the hair
with his other hand. He yanked my head up.

“Listen, boy. If you want my cock, you do what I say. As long as you
obey, we’ll get along fine. If you refuse or give me backtalk, then that’s
it. We’re finished. Got it?”

“Yeah. Yes sir. That’s fine.” He looked at me with contempt before
a smile broke out on his face.

“You fags. You’ll do anything for a hard cock. Well, remember our
agreement. Now against the wall.” He used the grip on my hair to turn me
and push me up against the wall. I felt him move in behind me and then his
hard leather work boots kicking at my ankles until I had spread my legs
enough to suit him. I was wearing only sandals and swim trunks and I felt
his chest slide up against my back. His mouth was next to my ear. “Drop
your drawers, boy. Your gonna get fucked.”

I obeyed, untying the drawstring of my swim shorts and forcing them as
far down my legs as I could. I heard the sound of a zipper being yanked
down and then felt his meat slide up between my ass cheeks. He rubbed his
meat up and down. It felt thick, but I couldn’t get a clear idea of his
size. I felt the heat of his chest suddenly disappear as he leaned back
and spit on his cock a dozen times or so. Then he planted a hand in the
center of my back, between my shoulder blades and held me tightly against
the wall. I could feel his cockhead sliding around until it found my hole.
Then his chest was on my back again.

“Your mine now, pussyboy,” he said and rammed his hips forward. I
started to yell from the pain of his penetration. I hadn’t been fucked in
months. He clapped a hand over my mouth and turned my head until my left
cheek was against the wall. I could feel his hot breath in my ear as more
and more of his cock forced its way inside me. I groaned into his hand,
pain coursing through my body. “Take it, boy. Just take it. It’s what
you wanted. Take my big prick, boy. You got a tight little hole. Feels
goooood!” he moaned. “Ahhhhh yeah. All the way, faggot. Take it all the

I had no choice but to take it. Pinned against the wall by this hot
stud, there was no way I could break free, even if I wanted to. I felt the
cotton of his work pants against my ass and his belt buckle dug into me as
he forced every bit of his cock into me. My mind reeled with the strong
scent of his body and the feel of his heartbeat, from his chest and from
the pulse of his cock inside me.

“Yeah, boy. You’re mine now. You been sitting out there with that
hot chick and both of you’ve been staring at me all day. Bet she’d like my
cock too. Especially if she knew her ‘stud’,” his voice dripped with
derision, “was taking it up the ass. What do you think, huh?” His voice
was quiet as he spoke directly into my ear. “What do you think she’d do if
she saw you in here taking cock from a real man? Taking my big cock up
your hole?” He pulled his cock back and began taking short strokes. I
could only moan into his hand which was still clamped on my mouth. He
uncovered my mouth and his hand ran down my side. He smacked my ass, his
cock taking longer and longer strokes.

I felt the guy’s stubble rub across my shoulder and cheek as he
pressed himself even closer to me. “Tell me how much you like it, faggot.
Tell me how good my cock makes you feel.”

“Oh god. Your cock is so fucking great! I love it up inside me. You
are a fucking god! Fuck me please. Fuck me hard, sir.”

“That’s right you cunt! You sit there all smug and rich on the beach,
watching me work, but now we both know what you really want, what you
really are. You’re just a pussy for a big brown cock! I’ve had some fags
before, but none was ever as much of a slut as you.” He pulled completely
out and rammed his cock back into me. Inch after thick inch impaled me as
my own cock leaked precum all over the wall. “You don’t even know my name
and I am fucking you up the ass, boy. I’m gonna cum in you and you won’t
even know the name of the man who’s filling you with his sperm. What a
fucking low life faggot!”

His thrusts were coming faster and faster now. Our bodies were both
sweating and rocking together. The guy slid his hand back up to my face
and forced a finger into my mouth, making me open to take it.

“As soon as I dump this load, I am gonna try out this hole. I bet you
are a good cocksucker. I bet you can take every inch of my meat in that
pussyboy mouth. His hot breath was coming faster and faster. I sucked on
his fingers, tasting the salty sweat on his skin, then licked the palm of
his hand. I wanted anything and everything of this hot stud. He let out a
long groan and jammed his hips forward. I felt his cock expand inside me
and his body twitching violently and knew he was cumming. His grunts
punctuated the spurts of cum he was shooting into me. After a minute, he
relaxed, but his cock was still hard. I felt him slowly begin to pull out.

“Now it’s time for you to suck, boy.” I let him turn me and began to
sink to my knees…”You want to suck a real man? Open wide!”
I knew that I was his slave…